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Products for people living at home, in care homes and nursing homes

Managing Health  assists people in the community with mobility issues through provision of a range of unique moving and handling products.

About Managing Health

At Managing Health we have been active in the healthcare sector for over 30 years. We have worked at all levels within the NHS and Community Services.

We have worked side by side with medical staff, nursing staff and ancillary staff to find solutions to common problems and to purchase the best products at the best prices; providing services outside hospitals and into individual homes. Closely working with clients and their carers we have been able to help people find solutions to mobility, transfer and positioning challenges. Managing Health believe that we have unrivalled expertise in provision of the right products, at the right time and in the right place, carefully sourcing particular products to fit specific needs.

We aim to bring products to the market that tackle some of the problems encountered in everyday life by those with mobility issues. For more information please contact us today.
Phone: 07890 724 323

How do we work?

Utilising Managing Health knowledge and experience we  research the market for products in the area of moving and handling to transfer, positioning and mobility. 

We evaluate the effectiveness of each product, looking at its uniqueness, suitability and quality. Managing Health   brings to the market a range of specific products, building on a reputation for provision of quality products, at the right price, backed up by excellence of service. 

We sell directly to end users and distribute our products to other suppliers and retailers. Providing advice, training and back-up for all our products to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and to moving and handling experts. Being actively engaged in assisting both nursing and care homes in the provision of equipments and staff training, we ensure that all equipment is used correctly when moving and handling.

Specialising in 'minimal lift'

Our fundamental principal is that carers and clients must be safe through moving and handling techniques, which do not involve lifting abnormal loads or using awkward positions. Our products all emphasise this principal in their design and use.
Phone: 07890 724 323

Providing mobility independance

Many people with a disability find their ability to move independently, even to a small degree, is severely restricted. Lack of any form of mobility can be seriously demeaning and lead to loss of dignity. Managing Health looks for products, which can improve mobility and independence to restore personal confidence. 
Phone: 07890 724 323

Proudly assisting caregivers

Managing Health products are designed to reduce carer workload by reducing the number of caregivers required to manage individual patients and to protect caregivers from injury. 
Phone: 07890 724 323
To find out more information about Managing Health , please don't hesitate to contact us today on

07890 724 323
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