Body UP Evolution Lifter

Body Up Evolution - A new lift concept

A life change for both the carer and the individual

Managing Health already supply the LiftWalker and LiftRollator that are both revolutionary in the manner they assist those who are able to walk with a frame or rollator but have difficulty going from sitting to standing. Body Up Evolution is a new lift concept, revolutionary, yet simple assisting those with lower limb weakness to transfer and move about the house.

Patients needing a carer - paraplegics with weaker upper limb function, who cannot transfer to a chair from a bed; MS patients; patients with advanced Parkinson's disease and those suffering other nervous system disorders with muscle wasting will benefit from the Body Up Evolution. Managing Health believe that the Body Up Evolution is ideal for where the patient and spouse, who is the carer, are both older and the spouse does not have the physical strength to lift and transfer their partner. 

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The Body Up Evolution

Body Up Evolution is engineered so that it delivers a transfer and movement solution simply and without fuss. Any carer or partner can lift a person with lower limb weakness off a bed, chair or sofa without effort, safely and at no risk to themselves. The Body Up Evolution helps you transfer to any vehicle with ease. It also helps you to shower and use the toilet in comfort. 
Body Up Evolution was developed by rehabilitation equipment experts in Greece in 1998. As a trusted assistant, Body Up Evolution has been in widespread use throughout Greece and is now distributed throughout the UK by Managing Health. We aim to significantly improve the quality of life to disabled people at home. 

To find out more details about our Body Up Evolution product, contact us today. Managing Health can ship the Body Up Evolution to anywhere in the UK and worldwide by arrangement. 

Features of Body Up Evolution

Body Up Evolution has many features to provide a higher quality of life to all of its patients:
  • Transfers you safely to anywhere in the house or garden
  • Lightweight, highly aesthetic design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Conveniently folds into 3 pieces for transport
  • Unique lifting mechanism
  • Detachable back for transfer and positioning
  • Sling or comfortable waterproof seat for bathroom and WC
  • Adjustable internal and external width - accommodates wheelchairs

Lift and transfer solutions

Body Up Evolution provides a lift and transfer solution to all situations found in the home:
  • Lift and transfer from bed to move around the home
  • Transfer to another chair or sofa
  • Transfer safely to a conventional wheelchair
  • Use in the bathroom in place of a commode or in the shower
  • Easy transfer to a car
Back detaches for transfers
Unique manual lift mechanism, lift at a turn of the handle
Bath and toilet seat. Completely waterproof for showering
Foot supports
Adjustable width, internally and externally
Can be folded into three pieces for storage at home and in the car

Body Up Prices October 2016

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