LiftWalker & LiftRollator

LiftWalker and LiftRollator by Managing Health

For those who need that extra lift and stability

Many people who can use a walker just can’t get up to start walking and give up using their walker and carers can sometimes awkwardly lift people to use their walker. Occupational therapists often worry about injuries caused by carers trying to lift people and people unbalancing and falling. The current solution is to use a sit to stand device, which is expensive & disabling, Managing Health provide the LiftWalker which has two retractable poles at the front to aid assisted standing, wheels on the front and ski paddles on the back which helps it glides effortlessly over all surfaces.

Which one would you choose first?


The LiftWalker is ideally used at home, in care and nursing homes. Easy to use and fast standing tie from sitting - 20 seconds to stand with one carer. The LiftWalker folds flat for storage and can stack three of four in place of one standard walker. 
  • Retractable front poles
  • Lockable front wheels
  • Height adjustable


Using the LiftRollator for outdoors is exceptionally easy. Good size wheels enables steady and safe transfer over all surfaces. Solid braking. Seat for resting. Bag for shopping. 
It has the patented lift bars to assist standing from a chair. In addition there are front grab bars to assist standing from a seated position on the LiftRollator.
Its a dream to use!
 Don't wait until you can't stand from sitting to use your walker. Buy the LiftWalker now


Buy the LiftWalker as the first walker, even if the retractable poles of the LiftWalker are not required all the time, in most people they like the extra help at some point. For those people who just can't get up from sitting to use a standard walker, the LiftWalker can significantly contribute to their mobility as ant small amount of time spent walking is good for the body and mind.


The LiftRollator is just a revolution, not only does it have the retractable front poles, but it has handy grab bars near the seat at the back. The LiftRollator has everything in a standard rollator with 8" wheels, brakes, back support, seat and a basket for shopping. 

The story behind the LiftWalker and LiftRollator

Craig Weaver invented the LiftWalker in the US from a result of discovering that up to 70% of those using a standard walker needed assistance on getting from sitting to standing to use their walker. This put a partner or carer at the risk of injury assisting lifting and the user at risk of injury through to a fall. 

Craig says:
"The reason I invented the LiftWalker is because two of my friends hurt themselves lifting their spouses up in order to use their walker. After research, I found out lifting injuries among the elderly helping the elderly was epidemic. People just don’t realize that awkwardly reaching over and helping someone stand up is very dangerous…and that 70% of those who use a walker immediately or eventually need lifting assistance. Please do not take this risk. Even if you do not need lifting help at this time…get a LiftWalker the first time you need a walker…because at anytime while you are using your walker…you may need lifting help."
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