Rollz Motion

Rollz Motion by Managing Health

Rollz Motion - rollator and wheelchair combined

The Rollz Motion is an ergonomically designed rollator with a strong but lightweight frame which enables you to walk steadily, upright and comfortably. The Rollz Motion converts into a wheelchair at the flick of a wrist if you are wanting to rest along the way. With this the Rollz Motion is easily converted to and from a wheelchair for your ease of use. 
  • Easily foldable
  • Crosses doorsteps and curbs easily
  • Ergonomic adjustable hand grips
  • Innovative drum brakes for safety
  • Comfortable cushioned seat 

From rollator to wheelchair at the flick of a wrist

SAFE - Innovative drum brakes for safe and balanced braking
STABLE - Walking tall between the adjustable ergonomic hand grips
COMPACT - Rolls motion is easily foldable into a compact package
COMFORTABLE - Comfortable ride and natural
MANOEUVRABLE - Light steering and easy motion with large wheels
CONVENIENT - Resting on a comfortable cushioned seat
EASE - Cross doorsteps and curbs easily with the curb assitance
The Rollz Motion by Managing Health is available in a range of different colours.
Call today on 07890 724 323 to find out more.
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