TwistAssist - a superior product by Managing Health

Easy swivelling for both cars and beds

The TwistAssist makes it easy to enter or leave a car as a passenger or driver. Its soft cushion remains comfortable to sit on, even for the longest of journeys and the non-slip base keeps the cushion in place at all times. Our TwistAssist product will mould to the shape of any bucket seat and yet still swivel perfectly. The swivel mechanism joining the upper cushion and the non-slip base is one of the best on the market, with its small diameter allows the TwistAssits to function on all car seats.

The TwistAssist doesn't just help with entering and leaving a car but also may be used on a bed to help a person to swivel to right angles to the bed and sit up. It can also be used in conjunction with the One Way Slide Lite to ensure that the person can slide to the centre of the cushion before swivelling and remain in place afterwards. The TwistAssist is ideally used in combination with the Body Up Evolution seat to twist the person around when sitting up on the edge of the bed. 

Why does the TwistAssist work so well?

The secret is in the twisting mechanism at the centre of the unit, this unit is narrow and not affected by the curve of a car seat. It is of robust construction and firmly holds the top and bottom layers together.


Managing Health TwistAssist product has a cushioned upper panel which is made out of a very durable fabric and it can be brushed lightly or wiped with a damp cloth. If very dirty is it washable at 40°C. However, do no use Chlorine or fabric softeners. 

The under surface of the TwistAssist is made from the same non-slip fabric found in the SlideAssist range of One Way Slides.

TwistAssist - 45cm in width
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